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Mid Autumn 2022: Blossom

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Embrace the tradition of family reunion and togetherness this Mid Autumn Festival! Introducing our limited-edition Mid Autumn 2022 gift collection - intricately designed and inspired by the iconic Jade rabbit, blooming flowers and full moon to celebrate the family reunion, thanksgiving and togetherness this Mid Autumn festival. 

Our Blossom giftset is exclusively designed with luxurious selection of mooncakes paired with flower teas, a limited edition cherry blossom and Japanese/bamboo serving plate & a tea cup. Encased in an elegant acrylic box lid up with fairy lights and adorned with faux flowers.

Add a touch of personalisation and exclusivity with custom logo or personalised name on the acrylic giftbox! Makes the perfect mooncakes giftset for family, friends, co-workers and business partners that’s bound to make a lasting impression.

Choose from a wide premium selection of mooncakes: Our best-selling Japanese Wagashi mooncakes back by popular demand, delectable rainbow mooncakes or traditional premium baked mooncakes!

  • Japanese Wagashi mooncakes are sweet Japanese confections made from bean paste, with 4 seasonal signature flavors:  Matcha, Sakura, Hojicha & Peach Oolong. Each wagashi is meticulously handcrafted, inspired by the jade rabbit & blooming flowers and full moon during the Mid Autumn festival. 
  • Rainbow Mooncakes: Pastel rainbow mooncakes with gold flakes are buttery, flaky mooncakes that melts in your mouth with soft smooth fillings & salted egg yolks. Available in 3 unique flavors: White Lotus with salted egg yolk, Red Bean with salted egg yolk, and Yam with salted egg yolk. Simply delicious, an eye candy and makes the perfect gifts for Mid Autumn festival.
  • Traditional Baked Mooncakes (Mixed Flavors): Available in 4 mixed unique flavors : Premium White Lotus with Single Yolk, Matcha Red Bean, Pandan, and Dragon Fruit with Cranberry mooncakes. Each mooncakes are individually packed and sealed, halal-certified
  • Premium Traditional Baked Mooncakes (Less Sweet) : Premium traditional baked mooncakes which are less sweet, suitable for all ages. Available in 4 signature flavors: Premium White Lotus with Single Yolk, Premium White Lotus with Double Yolk, Pandan with Single Yolk and Mixed Nuts. Each mooncakes are individually packed and sealed, halal-certified

[Mid Autumn 2022: Blossom]

What's in the Box?

4 pcs mooncakes (please select one of the below mooncake set)

  • -  Set A: 4x Wagashi Mooncakes [Hojicha, Sakura, Matcha & Peach Oolong flavors]  - Deliver to Klang Valley only
  • -  Set B: 4x Rainbow Mooncakes [2x White Lotus with Single Yolk, 1x Red Bean with Single Yolk and 1x Yam with Single Yolk]
  • -  Set C: 4x Traditional Baked Mooncakes Mixed Flavors [Premium White Lotus with Single Yolk, Matcha Red Bean, Pandan & Dragon Fruit with Cranberry]
  • -  Set D: 4x Premium Traditional Baked Mooncakes [Premium White Lotus with Single Yolk, Premium White Lotus with Double Yolk, Pandan with Single Yolk & Mixed Nuts]
  • 1x Cherry Blossom mini serving plate
  • 1x Bamboo or Japanese Mooncake Serving Tray
  • 1x Tea Cup 
  • 1x Dessert Fork
  • 2x Rose/Chrysanthemum Honey Tea Cubes
  • 2x Rose Chrysanthemum Flower Tea
  • 2x Paper Lanterns (random colors)
  • 1x Reusable Acrylic Box adorned with fairy lights & faux flower (free personalised name/greeting on the acrylic box)
  • 1x Personalised Message Card


  • The Wagashi mooncakes & Rainbow mooncakes are only available for delivery to Klang Valley areas (not applicable for nationwide delivery).
  • For nationwide delivery, pls select Traditional Baked Mooncakes. The traditional baked mooncakes are Halal-certified, individually wrapped and sealed. 
  • The products are made of Halal ingredients, Muslim friendly & Halal certified.
  • For personalised name on the acrylic box, pls include the name under the remark column (maximum 20 characters, text only)
  • The mooncake does not come with bamboo/Japanese tray, or additional props used for the photoshoot. 
  • All photos have been edited and filtered, therefore colour may vary slightly from actual product.
  • Please note that in the event that decorations/flowers/items becomes unavailable, we reserve the right to replace it with a similar items with different colors/designs, with equal or greater value.

Care Instructions:

  • Wagashi mooncakes: Best to consume within 1-3 days. Need to be kept refrigerated. It can be kept refrigerated up to 3 days and keep frozen up to 7 days. The mooncakes are made of pork-free, muslim-friendly ingredients, no preservative.
  • Rainbow mooncakes: Best to consume within 2-3 weeks. Can be kept in room temperature up to 5 days and refrigerated up to 3 weeks. The mooncakes are made of pork-free, Muslim friendly ingredients, no preservative.
  • Traditional Baked Mooncakes: It is packed and sealed individually, halal-certified. Expiry date: mid October 2022. 

Shipping Info: 

  • You can pre-order in advance and select your preferred date for delivery (for selected Klang Valley areas only) . For specific delivery date, please select Lalamove only as the delivery method (Klang Valley only) and state the delivery date under the remark column.
  • Please note that for standard shipping, specific delivery date is unavailable. It will be shipped out within 3-5 days.
  • We offer to Malaysia (nationwide) and Singapore. For standard shipping, the orders will be shipped within 3-5 days to West Malaysia and 7-14 working days to East Malaysia and Singapore.

Corporate Gifting or Bulk Order:

  • Pls drop us a message at enquiry@bowandribbons.co or Whatsapp us at 011-3300 6288 for customized corporate or bulk order to enjoy exclusive discount.